YAG Weddings

YAG couples attending yet another YAG wedding!

One of the primary purposes of a YAG, as Fr. Jenkins used to say back in the 1980s, is “to-get-her.” While no one seems to have kept a count of exactly how many weddings resulted from the original YAGs, it was certainly a significant number. This time around, we are trying to keep track.

For our purposes, a YAG wedding is any eventual marriage between 2 YAG attendees. (This page originally said people who “attended at least one YAG simultaneously,” but a check of our 2019 disclaimer post showed that it does not include that caveat. Most couples do anyway.)

Some couples actually met “at” the YAGs; other couples had met or were even dating prior to coming to their first YAG; but the main thing is that they both attended and are known by the YAG group. So far, we have been averaging about 2 (now more like 3) weddings per year, with more coming!

In addition to these, there have been several unilateral YAG weddings, where a YAGer has married a non-YAGer, but we don’t count them as part of our total.

To see pictures from each wedding, click on the name of the couple.

  1. Dominic Current & Jenny Cerise 12-1-2018
  2. Levi Giese & Jacinta Simpson 7-27-2019
  3. Anthony Ruegemer & Katia Holbrook 8-24-2019
  4. Mark Fischer & Annie Young 10-19-2019
  5. Paul Wesner & Bernadette Schroepfer 9-7-2020
  6. Vincent Eldracher & Regina Gough 9-12-2020
  7. Steven Cerise & Victoria Kiernan 11-7-2020
  8. Greg Hilliard & Caroline Briggs 1-23-2021
  9. Joseph Simpson & Sarah Burns 4-17-2021
  10. Travis Otworth & Claire Gardner 5-1-2021
  11. Peter Creighton & Alexa Kantirakis 6-12-2021
  12. James Walz & Karen Puga 10-2-2021
  13. Brian Kimpel & Anne Marie Halm 1-8-2022
  14. Luke Hogan & Mary Lynne Riopel 1-15-2022
  15. Cory Tesch & Sadie Schaefer 5-28-2022
  16. Andrew Otworth & Teresa Creighton 9-17-22
  17. Phillip Halm & Brooke Gregory 2-4-2023
  18. Andrew Kiernan & Eliza DeRienzo 4-22-2023
  19. Matthew Giese & Leanne Arlinghaus 4-29-2023
  20. Collin Branigan & Christina Eldracher 5-13-2023
  21. Joseph Vines & Gabrielle Swinney 8-12-2023

Honorary YAG Wedding:

  1. Peter Eldracher & Angela Arthur 3-17-2021