YAG Weddings

Seventh YAG Wedding!

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Cerise

In July of 2019, Steven Cerise traveled from Colorado and Victoria Kiernan traveled from New Jersey to attend the 3rd annual YAG. Victoria was stressed about studying for the NCLEX (which she took a few days after returning from the YAG) and Steven was home from the Marines, had recently joined the Navy, and was working as an EMT.

Before the YAG started, some of the attendees who had arrived early decided to go to a target shooting range (for those who know the bride and groom well, how perfect was this?!), which is where the two met. As soon as Victoria mentioned that she was about to become a nurse and work in the Emergency Department, Victoria and Steven hit it off. And the rest is history!

They were married on November 7, 2020, at St. Gertrude the Great, and will reside in Cincinnati.

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