104 happy YAGers

2023 YAG Stats

Final count, 104, with people coming from 31 chapels in 19 states! Our guys to gals ratio evened out pretty nicely, but we can always use more ladies, it seems. Bring your sisters, cousins, and friends next year!

The two talks by Fr. McKenna were recorded and will soon be available below.

A photo log will soon be available in the Updates section. Please send your pictures to yagincincy@gmail.com if you have any you’d like to share with us!

2024 YAG Dates: July 12-14

Trying to plan your vacation days far in advance? The YAG usually takes place the weekend immediately following the 4th of July holiday: 5 pm on Friday through 4 pm on Sunday. Registration opens shortly after Christmas.

Can’t come yourself, but still want to support this great event for Catholic singles? You can now make donations directly via PayPal!

YAG Videos

2023 YAG Talks

  • Saturday Talk: Vocations & Maturity
  • Sunday Talk: Take Advantage of Your Spiritual Opportunities

20 YAG Weddings…

…and counting! For more pictures, scroll through the blog posts in the Updates section or visit our YAG Weddings page for a comprehensive list.