Largest Group Ever Attends 2021 YAG!

So many people, 91 in fact, that getting them all into one picture was quite a process! Many thanks go to our photographer, Victoria Cerise of Looking Through My Lens Photography, for coming out to make sure we were all recorded for posterity: https://www.lookingthroughmylensphotography.com/

It was a rather rainy weekend as YAGs go, so we weren’t able to play quite as much volleyball as usual, but a bunch of guys ran out to play soccer in the rain on the spiffy AstroTurf football field, and we had lots of board games and card games, so everyone still had fun.

A photo log is now available in the Updates section! The YAGermeister didn’t take a lot of pictures this year so if you don’t mind sharing yours, please use the hashtags #YAGinCincy, #YAG, or #yagincincy so we can find them and add to it.

The 2022 YAG will take place on July 8-10.

Lodging for Friday and Saturday nights will once again be at Higher Ground Retreat Center in Indiana.

Can’t come yourself, but still want to support this great event for Catholic singles? You can now make donations directly via PayPal!

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