Both 2019 YAG rental houses are currently FULL.

If you are flying to Cincinnati and WILL NOT be getting a rental car, you need to REPLY IMMEDIATELY to emails sent by the YAGermeister requesting your flight information.  If we do not know when you will be there and you call us at the last minute we WILL NOT come to get you, and you will have to get an Uber to bring you to the church.

We are coordinating pickup and drop-off at the Cincinnati-Covington (CVG) airport.  Pickups will be at the Level 2 Baggage Claim.  We may have our shuttle people carry signs but they will only be there for limited times so do not expect that you can arrive out of the blue and automatically get a ride to St. Gertrude’s.  When planning flights, keep in mind that the airport is about an hour’s drive south of the church.  Arriving early on Friday is no problem; there will be people setting up in Helfta Hall and any help is appreciated!