2021 YAG Recap

91 people attended from the United States, Puerto Rico, and Australia This year, the YAG planners faced a bit of a dilemma - with the increasing numbers of eager YAGers attending every year, we are actually outgrowing Helfta Hall at St. Gertrude's. Food prep was also becoming a bit of a problem (especially refrigerator space),… Continue reading 2021 YAG Recap


Tenth YAG Wedding!

Mr. & Mrs. Travis Otworth Travis Otworth had no idea there was a fall mini-YAG going on the weekend he and his cousin Andrew decided to drive the 2+ hours from southern Ohio up to visit St. Gertrude's. He was even more surprised when the YAGermeister flagged him down in the vestibule and asked if… Continue reading Tenth YAG Wedding!


Ninth YAG Wedding!

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Simpson Sarah Burns moved from southwestern New York state to Cincinnati as a fairly newly-fledged sedevacantist. She got a job, a roommate, and an apartment sight unseen in what was joked about as being similar to an arranged marriage. Little did she know she was going to eventually get a real… Continue reading Ninth YAG Wedding!


Honorary YAG Wedding

Some of you may remember that back in 2020, about 10 potential YAGers had to cancel their trips at the last minute due to the COVID travel restrictions, especially regarding international travel. One of those YAG hopefuls nevertheless managed to "visit" with the in-person YAG attendees via video call: Angela Arthur from Melbourne, Australia. Peter… Continue reading Honorary YAG Wedding

YAG Weddings

Seventh YAG Wedding!

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Cerise In July of 2019, Steven Cerise traveled from Colorado and Victoria Kiernan traveled from New Jersey to attend the 3rd annual YAG. Victoria was stressed about studying for the NCLEX (which she took a few days after returning from the YAG) and Steven was home from the Marines, had recently… Continue reading Seventh YAG Wedding!