Ninth YAG Wedding!

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Simpson

Sarah Burns moved from southwestern New York state to Cincinnati as a fairly newly-fledged sedevacantist. She got a job, a roommate, and an apartment sight unseen in what was joked about as being similar to an arranged marriage. Little did she know she was going to eventually get a real husband into the bargain!

She met Joseph Simpson, a third generation SGG parishioner, one of the very first times she went to weekday Mass at St. Gertrude’s. For a while it seemed like they were just going to be very good friends, but things started to change in the spring of 2020 and they got engaged on January 2, 2021. Their wedding was set for April 17, 2021. Joseph good-naturedly joked with his best friend Peter Eldracher that surely Peter wouldn’t get married before he did, only for everyone to be surprised when visa considerations resulted in it being necessary for Peter and his sweetheart Angela Arthur to tie the knot on March 17, 2021 – exactly a month before Joseph and Sarah did!

Peter came to be best man at the wedding with his own wife in tow, much to Joseph’s mock chagrin, lol. Sarah made her own dress and veil under the supervision of her roommate, who used to run a dressmaking business out of her home.

The wedding reception was held in Helfta Hall at St. Gertrude’s, and pictures were taken on the church grounds. More will be uploaded later.

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