Tenth YAG Wedding!

Mr. & Mrs. Travis Otworth

Travis Otworth had no idea there was a fall mini-YAG going on the weekend he and his cousin Andrew decided to drive the 2+ hours from southern Ohio up to visit St. Gertrude’s. He was even more surprised when the YAGermeister flagged him down in the vestibule and asked if he was participating! The two cousins ended up going out for breakfast at Perkin’s with the group, and submitted their contact info before having to return home. Shortly afterward, they joined the YAG Discord server.

Claire Gardner, meanwhile, had already attended a YAG and, since she lived in the middle of Illinois, spent a lot of time online with her YAG friends. She noticed the new, handsome addition with an interest in filmmaking on Instagram, and soon they were messaging each other back and forth. They met in person for the first time at Midnight Mass at St. Gertrude’s, and the rest, as they say, is history!

They attended the 2020 YAG as an engaged couple, and were married at St. Gertrude’s on May 1, 2021. The new Mr. & Mrs. Otworth reside in southern Ohio.

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