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19th YAG Wedding!

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Giese

Congratulations to Matt Giese (Ohio) and Leanne Arlinghaus (Kentucky) who were united in Holy Matrimony at St. Gertrude the Great on April 29, 2023!

Not only is this one a YAG wedding – it’s the SECOND YAG wedding for each side of the family! Matt’s brother Levi and his wife were our Couple #2, while Leanne’s adopted sister Katia and her husband were our Couple #3. Two kids later apiece, they were present to enjoy the festivities!

Leanne’s mom, Marlys Arlinghaus, came in from Missouri to attend the original YAGs back in the day and ended up moving to Cincinnati, where she met her husband, Paul, along with longtime roommate Lexi Briggs and many other friends whose kids are now friends as well. Marlys was also one of the major proponents of starting up the YAG again even before 2017, so we owe her a lot! She runs the SGG bookstore and always has a smile on her face.

Matt came to the very first YAG back in 2017 as a very new convert, and has faithfully attended every single one since. (Let that give you hope, all of you out there complaining that you went to one YAG but didn’t meet #YourPrinceCharming.) He usually gets called upon to help with the demonstrations at the beginning of each year’s square dance.

Leanne had to miss a couple of YAGs due to weddings of family and friends, but she also attended multiple YAGs before everything worked out for her and Matt. She has also been a HUGE help to the YAGermeister when it has been impossible for her to be in two places at once – she is a well-known face in the YAG crowd and has often volunteered to pick people up from the airport on her way up from work.

The couple got engaged at Christmas in 2022 after Midnight Mass. The bridal party was made up almost entirely of YAGers – the bride’s and groom’s siblings and friends. Only the matron of honor missed out, due to having been married shortly before the YAGs were started up again.

The couple will reside in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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