YAG Weddings

Third YAG Wedding!

It was a setup. When Anthony Ruegemer first started corresponding with a girl from Cincinnati on TradCircle, little did either of them suspect that she would make a point of introducing him to his future wife!


When he came out to meet her – no light matter with a 13 hour drive involved – they had a nice weekend getting to know each other in person but his friend made up her mind pretty quickly. Anthony wasn’t the man for her – but he would be PERFECT for her friend Katia at church! After a very amicable breakup, she encouraged him to keep talking to Katia, whom he had been introduced to that weekend. Anthony voiced his intentions of returning for the upcoming second YAG.


And at that YAG, from the very first evening, Anthony and Katia were inseparable! They talked, they explored the Loveland Castle, they danced, they bowled, and by the end of the weekend things were looking pretty positive. Both families approved. Their courtship was off and running.


Katia made visits to Minnesota. Anthony made visits to Kentucky. They got engaged during a St. Valentine’s visit on February 18, 2019 – the same day as their friends Levi Giese and Jacinta Simpson! Katia then moved to Minnesota to get to know Anthony’s family better.

They were married on August 24, 2019, at Immaculate Conception Church in St. Cloud, Minnesota, and held a farm-themed reception in a converted dairy barn!

The new Mr. & Mrs Ruegemer reside near Willmar, MN. Congratulations!


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