October YAG

DSC_0064The October YAG was a success (yes, more than 3 people came, LOL) and we had a nice afternoon of games and good food:  Scribblish; Catan; MadLibs; Poker; Win It in a Minute; Batman or Shakespeare, THAT is the Question; and an indoor Snowball Fight.  (Everyone seemed to agree that the battle part is more fun than the questions, but that kind of goes without saying).   MadLibs was far and away the most popular game, and we produced some uncannily epic results that resulted in a lot of laughs.

DSC_0059We mostly had locals (including the Kentucky contingent) since it was a one-day event this time, but a few folks were able to come from Akron, OH, bringing our total of attendees to 18.  The decorating crew was joking that we should do the main YAG in the fall simply because the decorations are prettier….

Stay tuned for announcements about a winter YAG!  We’re not sure yet if it’ll be in mid-December or in late January; shoot us an email at yagincincy@gmail.com to share your preference.


(January update:  The “local” YAGers have been staying busy!)

  • Early Christmas party at a private home in KY
  • Skiing in Akron, OH shortly after Christmas
  • Skiing again with some different people
  • Christmas party in mid-January at a private home in OH

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