YAG 2017 Recap

YAG group photo
5 people were missing from our group photo, but everyone else made it in!

Final count for the 2017 YAG was 52 young people – with a whopping guys to gals ratio of 29:23!  Participants came from 15 states and 2 countries (USA & Canada).  Not everyone was able to stay the entire time, but nobody looked too depressed by the end of the festivities so we’re going to assume people had a good time.

The Air Force Museum on Saturday was a little overwhelming, but bowling on Sunday afternoon was a big hit.  A big thank-you goes to Game of Fairfield for making us feel right at home!  Father McKenna gave excellent sermons on friendship, courtship, and “battleship” all three days, while Father Cekada gave more informal (and entertaining!) talks in the social hall on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon.  The Publicity Guy made an appearance (in cardboard form) at several points throughout the weekend, wearing various forms of appropriately non-papal headgear….

The winner of The Publicity Guy Quiz was Brienne, from New York, who got ALL 38 blanks filled in correctly!  She won a $20 gift certificate to the SGG bookstore.

A HUGE thank-you goes out to everyone who helped, both those who volunteered ahead of time and those who stepped up to the plate as needed!

Core YAG Crew:

The Publicity Guy is glad so many sedes came to the Cincy YAG!
  • Theresa Simpson
  • Jacinta Simpson
  • Angela Robbins
  • Vincent Eldracher
  • Justin Eldracher
  • Katia Holbrook

Walk-in Helpers:

  • Juliana Andreski
  • Brian Kimpel
  • Dima Holbrook
  • Mike Martinez
  • Mike Lehman
  • Alexander Krawczyk
  • Emmaline Haught
  • Paul Wesner
  • Ryan Faith
  • Matt Giese
  • Joe Young

Shuttle Drivers:

  • The Sisters of Our Lady of Reparation
  • Mrs. Charles Simpson
  • Katia & Dima Holbrook


(including parishioners who opened their homes to traveling YAGers):

  • Mr. & Mrs. Charles Simpson & family
  • Mr. & Mrs. Billy Young & family
  • Mr. & Mrs. Scott Richesson & family
  • Mr. & Mrs. John Eldracher
  • Mr. & Mrs. Paul Arlinghaus
  • Mr. & Mrs. Michael Briggs
  • Mr. Richard Vande Ryt
  • Mr. & Mrs. Gene Craig

Talk is already underway and ideas are bouncing around for the sequel YAG next year, so tell your friends, family, and fellow parishioners and spread the news!  Keep an eye on this website for updates and for info about local YAG chapters/events taking place near you!

The YAGermeister’s flowers arrived home safely…

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