Currently at 97 . . .

. . . and tallying up all the bookkeeping, so PLEASE check your email if you haven’t recently!

I am also following up on diet and transportation needs, so if you want to be accommodated, be proactive and reply BEFORE this weekend, when I have to place all food orders.

Those of you who registered early might have missed this, so please note (even though I would hope it’s common sense) – sleepwear needs to be approximately as modest as daywear. This goes for women AND for men. Nobody wants to see you in a tank top and short shorts. Period. Please and thank you.

For suggestions on what to pack, see here and/or here. One weather note, though – due to the wildfire smoke wandering down from Canada, it has been much cooler, much less humid, and much more overcast here than is normal for late June, so you may want to bring a jacket or sweater, or at least one long-sleeve shirt. But who knows? We still get hot, sunny days occasionally when the wind cooperates.


For anyone who lives locally and would like to help get Helfta Hall ready for next weekend, I will be putting up the lights this Friday, June 30th, starting around 4:30 pm. I may also do some work on Saturday, July 1st, but check with me first – I may be too tired. And I need to put in the food orders.

The rest of the setup will take place on July 4th, 6th, and 7th basically all day, although on the 6th I may not be able to start til 1 pm.

Any help is appreciated!


The YAGermeister

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