2021 YAG Schedule & Dress Level Advisory


Friday Night

First impressions aren’t made such a fuss about for no reason, so plan to dress up a bit more tonight while keeping in mind that there will be a bonfire later (you will have an opportunity to change if you wish).  Everyone will need appropriate attire for Mass, not quite Sunday Mass level, but it wouldn’t hurt for men to at least break out a suit jacket and for ladies to dress as if for a nice date.  Business casual is the bare minimum.  Dressy sandals are permitted for women, but all clothing worn in public MUST conform to our dress code.  Please also keep modesty in mind regarding sleepwear, due to the dorm-like setting of the accommodations.


Business casual clothing is the minimum required for Mass, although ladies may wear dressy sandals.  Once we return to Higher Ground, feel free to change into blue jeans for the guys and denim skirts for the girls.  There is a gaga ball court and a long, winding driveway for walking around the grounds, so it would be a good idea to pack tennis/running/walking shoes as backup, even if you spend most of the day barefoot or in sandals.  The parking lot is gravel and you will have to walk across it fairly regularly to get to the volleyball court and the dining hall.

We will be providing sunblock and bug spray, but a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses are certainly items you will want to consider bringing.  Cincinnati tends to be VERY hot and VERY humid this time of year, and some parts of the Higher Ground Campus do not have much shade.

Many attendees find it convenient to bring a change of clothes for the square dance – swishy skirts, cowboy hats and boots, etc. are VERY welcome!  Keep in mind though that the barn where we will be dancing has very low carpet rather than a hard floor, so you will want shoes that allow you to slide and turn fairly easily on such a surface.


All YAG attendees must be off the Higher Ground Campus between 9:00-9:30 am.  When you leave for Mass, take ALL of your belongings with you!  There will not be an opportunity to come back between Mass and bowling.  If you desperately need breakfast, we will have some granola bars in the common area.

Men must wear a suit and tie for Mass, with a dress shirt and dress shoes.  No earrings.

Women must wear either a skirt or a dress that comes below the knee, has sleeves like in the dress code picture, and a high neckline.  No peek-a-boos or cutouts.  If your skirt hem is uneven, the shortest parts must still cover your entire kneecaps and preferably come down to your calves.  A head covering, either a hat or a veil, is required.

You may want to bring a change of more casual clothes for bowling, and the ladies will want to bring socks.

See you there!

(Oh, and did we mention that our final headcount this year is a whopping 95 people?!?!?)

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