2020 Dress Level Advisory

Friday Night

Think of Friday night like dressing for a nice date – suitable for Mass but casual enough to wear to a bonfire afterward.  Ladies, remember that if your skirt is sheer you need a slip that still covers your knees.

Always a good idea to make a great first impression, so guys may want to consider breaking out a suit, at least the nice shirt and tie parts.


Saturday is the casual day. Blue jeans are permissible at Mass in the morning, but slacks are preferred. You’ll want light, cool clothes for playing volleyball and other games outside.  No undershirts worn as T-shirts, please!

Many people bring a change of nicer clothes for the Square Dance on Saturday night and change after dinner (or before, as you prefer).

Big swishy skirts for the ladies are a definite plus, but keep them ankle-length or shorter or you may trip.  High heels and square dancing don’t mix too well.

Cowboy hats and boots are always fun!


Suit and tie for gents, nice dress or outfit for ladies. Hat or veil for headcovering.

Many people bring a change of more casual clothes for bowling, and ladies, don’t forget to bring socks!

1 thought on “2020 Dress Level Advisory”

  1. I get wearing sleeves but I ask you where that particular length is taken from because I have been doing my research and don’t know why 1/4 sleeves is the length decided on? I just don’t understand if you are wearing sleeves why it is important to have them all the way down to your elbows? Confused?!? Please explain.
    Thank you.


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