Dress Level Advisory 2019

For the various days/nights, here is an idea of what sort of clothes/shoes to bring.  Keep in mind that Cincinnati can get VERY hot and humid in the summer!
Here is the bare minimum of bodily coverage to be maintained at all times, except possibly on your feet (we are totally okay with barefoot volleyball):

Friday Night

You want to make a good impression, so dress like it’s a nice date, but keep in mind that we’ll be going outside for the bonfire after dinner.

You will be going to Mass, so for men you will need at least a polo shirt and slacks.  Suit and tie optional, but if you want to wow the girls, well . . .

Ladies, remember that skirts must COVER your knees at all times and sleeves should be closer to your elbows than to your shoulders.  No low necklines.  Sandals are allowed but make sure they’re dressy, and you might want to skip the spiky heels unless you plan to aerate the lawn for us.


There is Mass in the morning so again, nicer clothes, but a bit more casual today due to outdoor games/activities.  Feel free to bring sporting equipment and casual shoes.  NO white undershirts worn as T-shirts!

Sunscreen/bug spray are provided.

A change of clothes for the evening is HIGHLY recommended in case you get hot/sweaty.

For the Rosary Procession, we use a sidewalk that is frequented by Canadian Geese, so closed shoes are a plus.  You may also want sunglasses or a sun hat, but a head covering is NOT required for women.

For the Square Dance, cowboy boots and hats are totally welcome, and ladies will want full, flowy skirts and comfortable shoes.  Floor-length skirts tend to get in the way; ankle length or slightly shorter seems to work best.


Suit and tie with dress shoes for men, NO earrings.

Dress or top/skirt combination for ladies; don’t forget to wear a hat or a veil!  Open-toed/dressy sandals are allowed, but make sure they look like dress shoes.  No flip-flops.

For bowling, you may want a change of more comfortable clothes, and ladies should bring socks to wear with the bowling shoes.  (I might try to remember to bring a few extra pair, but I have big feet, lol.  No promises they will fit you.)

Looking forward to meeting you all!

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