37 and Upward!

Young, young-at-heart, what’s the difference?

Don’t forget to pass on news of the YAG to singles in their later 30s and early 40s, folks! If they’re single, they should come!

Some have said that we should have a separate event, or GAG (Geriatric Adult Get-Together), but there really aren’t enough singles in that category to make it worthwhile. So come, bring an older friend or two, meet a few more, and have a great time!

(And we promise – the “kids” aren’t a bad lot, either!)

3 thoughts on “37 and Upward!”

  1. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it this year, as I have a family reunion in the Adirondack Mountains that weekend. However, I wish to come in 2020!! I will 45 next year and am eager to meet a single, sede, tradette. Please keep me in mind & I send my prayer and best wishes for ALL participants!!
    In Domino et Domina,
    Chris Bates
    15 Stone Creek Drive
    Ithaca NY, 14850

  2. GAG? Seriously? Thais is very insulting. This is why people in their thirties don’t hang out with people in their twenties. Insensitive.

    1. Someone in their 30s came up with it, and several more found it funny. So there’s no arguing taste. Other options would be MAGA (Middle Aged Grownup Affair) or MAG (Mature Adult Get-Together, which sounds rather obscene). So if you can come up with anything better, we’re all ears. Although it still wouldn’t solve the problem that there aren’t enough such Catholic singles to make the event worthwhile.

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