Bowling Venue & Trivia Challenge

We recently set up our bowling reservation for Sunday but after finding that there was limited space left at our first option, we have changed venues to Game of Fairfield, which is a little farther down the road.  Due to a great deal they offered us on pizza for the sustenance of the starving hordes – YUM! – we have also scrapped the Golden Corral lunch plans in favor of eating at the bowling alley.  Less hassle, no cost to attendees, and an all-in-one, easy-to-find location.  The new address is listed on the flyer on the home page.

Just a reminder for the ladies – make sure you have socks to wear with the bowling shoes!  Wearing them barefoot could be a bit icky and uncomfortable.

Guys and gals may also want to bring a change of more comfortable clothes for bowling.

Trivia Challenge

Have you been keeping tabs on the ever-increasing number of funny ads in the slideshow on the home page?  You just might want to review it a few times before the big days because there will be a QUIZ.  There’s going to be a prize, too! (and probably a chance for a photo op with Fr. Cekada if you win).


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